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The Principal Investigators of Universal Investigations Agency, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida have over 25+ years of law enforcement and Military Intelligence gathering experience. In addition to our full-time personnel, we are also part of a worldwide network of private investigative professionals that allow us to leverage the talents of veterans of numerous police departments as well as state and federal organizations, from the FDLE and the NYPD to FBI. We also maintain access to a number of confidential records and databases, as well as satellite tracking programs to bolster our information-gathering capabilities. In order to remain sensitive to the specific needs of our clients, we work with both male and female private investigators, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement or intelligence gathering protocols in the US and abroad. Whether you are an individual who has never used the services of a private investigator or someone of the legal, insurance, or business community, we can help you by providing actionable intelligence with both a personal and professional touch that ensures your needs are being served.

Our process

  1. Identify the need - At Universal Investigations Agency, we understand that every case is different and has different investigative needs. That is why we like to start every relationship with a free consultation. By better getting to know your personal situation, we are able to create a more custom investigative plan to help you in the most effective way possible. Whatever your situation, give us a call. Our offices are open Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Rest assured, we have heard everything in the book and your confidentiality will be protected at all times.
  2. Start the investigation - After discussing all relevant and important details with you, we will begin our investigation. Using industry software, we are able to update you regularly with the information and leads we come across throughout the investigation. You will have access to check on the status of your case whenever you want using your client login information provided. As a leading private investigation agency in Florida, our team is confident in our ability to use the right tools and skills to discover the truth quickly and accurately.
  3. Deliver the results - After a thorough, yet timely, investigation, our private investigators will share all of their findings with you, as well as recommendations on how to proceed with your situation. While the outcome might not always be ideal, at least you can rest assured knowing the information is accurate and you can move forward with the given information.

We work with some of the best private investigators in the industry and leverage the most up-to-date investigative equipment to get our clients the answers they need quickly and accurately. Whether you're dealing with a situation that is financial, corporate, cyber, or personal in nature, Universal Investigations Agency is here to help. We serve the South Florida area with offices in Miami and Hollywood, FL. Call today for a free consultation or leave us a message and we will get back to you.

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