Crisis Management

Universal Investigations' Crisis Management services are made to help our clients in times of need whether they're being blackmailed, threatened or more.

There in for you in a crisis

A crisis, in layman's terms, is an incident that would severely damage the reputation or legal standing of an individual or a business.

Crisis management is the process of dealing with an event that threatens to harm our clients- whether they be individuals, organizational, or shareholders.

Three elements are common to a crisis:

  1. A threat to the individual or organization
  2. The element of surprise or a series of unexpected events
  3. A short amount of time to find a solution

Sometimes your lawyers can't help you. Sometimes your PR firm can't help you. Sometimes calling the police isn't an option.

If you find yourself in that situation, you can count on us.

The techniques our team at Universal Investigations will employ in crisis management scenarios include a number of discreet steps. Our endgame is to protect our clients from any negative public relations issues, damage to personal relationships, and civil or criminal legal action.

We will ensure your secrets stay secret.

If you're in the public eye, an unexpected accident or a liability that was previously unforeseen it can derail your life and career. On numerous occasions, Universal Investigations has been called in a crisis management capacity to:

- Negotiate, locate, and neutralize blackmail and extortion threats, both online and in person.
- Perform interviews and process a scene where a client does not want to contact the police.
- Recover leaked intimate or incriminating images on behalf of our clients.
- Provide leverage to our clients in legal negotiations in order to get plaintiffs to drop their case.
- Protect our client's reputation, mental and physical wellbeing from future harm.

Our Crisis management services embrace a situation-based discipline dedicated to providing the following services:

• Crisis prevention and risk management:
Our agents preempt crises by acknowledging and analyzing the behavioral patterns our subjects and clients may engage in that could put their assets at risk. Whether you're a corporation with numerous employees, a celebrity in the public eye, a private company, or a private individual, we can help.

• Crisis assessment:
It's at this point that we begin to employ specialized methods used to respond to both the reality and perception of risks and crises. Every crisis situation boils down to one essential issue: An inflammatory statement, an act of passion, the commission of a crime, a threat of exposure, or a disgruntled employee, family member, former associate or ex-lover. Once we identify what is causing your problems and lying at the core your crisis, we will move to the Crisis Handling stage.

• Crisis handling:
Once we find the root of your problem, we do whatever we can to make that problem go away. It's that simple.

We will quickly establish metrics to define what is causing your crisis and should consequently trigger the necessary risk-mitigation and response mechanisms. We ensure that the tactics we use can be defended in court. Evidence can be collected, settlements can be made, Public Relations issues can be managed, and Media Statements can be prepared. We believe that one mistake should not define your life or career.

• Crisis termination:
Upon the successful handling of your crisis, the case will be terminated. This means our client and their legal representatives will be issued an intelligence report as well as an official statement and record, minimizing or negating fault on our client's behalf. In addition to the comprehensive report we will provide, we review the response phase of our emergency-management process in order to educate our clients and insure they are not exposed to the same type of risk ever again and, if they are, that it will remain completely discreet and under their control.

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