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Universal Investigations' Criminal Investigations help our clients solve cases with criminal intent, such as robbery, theft, and fraud.

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At Universal Investigations Agency, we have a proven track record of handling a wide range of cases across Texas and Florida, including theft, fraud, and robbery investigations. Our team of private investigators possess a diverse skill set and extensive experience in both civil and criminal law, making us well-equipped to handle any case that comes our way.

We have a team of skilled private investigators who are equipped to conduct comprehensive investigations for a wide range of clients, including corporations, individuals, families, and attorneys. Our mission is to uncover crucial evidence needed to establish criminal intent or civil malice, ensuring our clients' interests are protected.

Many times, law enforcement agencies are overburdened with heavy caseloads and do not have the time or resources to resolve these important investigations. Our team of private investigators has the similar Investigative capabilities, as many of them come from a law enforcement background and are able to solve these criminal and civil cases expeditiously and cost-effectively.

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