Cyber Crime Investigation

Universal Investigations' Cyber Crime investigations help reveal any potential threats in your organization, expose scammers, catfish and more.

Comprehensive Cyber Investigation Services

Using cutting–edge equipment alongside our own methods and tactics, our private investigators can establish a baseline of activity on your network and set up countermeasures to detect any malicious activity- alerting your security manager in real-time of any harmful or suspicious activity and tracking down its source. Whether you require our services in your business, office, home, or abroad; our techniques will audit any potential weaknesses your system may have; preventing damage through proactive measures without slowing down you, your system, your organization, or your business.

Computer Forensics and Anti-Cyber Harassment Services

Through our international network of White-Hat hackers and computer specialists, we can access almost any digital records you may need. From the location of a Cyber-Stalker, to the hard drive of a destroyed computer, our computer forensics specialists will extract the information you need; providing reports that are detailed and concise, covering the evidence found and the steps that were taken to find and recover it. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, cost control, and defensibility, as well as our highly trained team of experts. Using IP tracking technology as well as WiFi Drivers and old-fashioned surveillance techniques we can do more than just identify the IP address of your cyber-stalker, bully, or harasser. We can physically locate them, document them, and provide you with a name, face, address, and motive.

Cell Phone, Computer, and Tablet Data Recovery Services

Our agency can provide extraction (including deleted data and passwords), from almost any device, not only computers and cellphones but handheld GPS units, tablets, and all other mobile devices. Data Recovery is the single most crucial aspect of any cyber investigation. When receiving a drive that is damaged or not working, our agency will utilize the most advanced equipment available to reconstruct a hard drive and recover the data you need.

Online Dating and Catfishing Investigations

An online dating investigation is when a private investigator reveals an online romantic partner’s true identity and motives. Here at Universal Investigations, our Private Investigators will gather in-depth information by conducting comprehensive background checks, international digital account searches, and reverse image searches focusing on your potential paramour. All the intelligence gathered by our investigators will be formatted into clear and concise intelligence report designed to put our clients at ease and verify their potential lovers’ identity and intentions.

Whatever cyber crime you are experiencing we can help. Call us today at (888) 700-8695 for a free consultation.

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