Corporate Investigation Services

Professional investigative services to fit the needs of any business

Intelligence is becoming an increasingly important asset in today’s corporate culture. Before proceeding with any business decision like an investment, transaction, or any other business arrangement, knowing the background and integrity of the parties involved has become paramount to establishing a successful negotiation. Trust has continually proven to be the key to rewarding partnerships.

Many business owners, investors, and lenders seek critical information to help them make knowledgeable business decisions, ranging from future employee selection to investments and potential business ventures. Many executives, with the best interest of their company in mind, aim to secure leverage for their company. With their shareholders, employees, and clients in mind, they request our services. Here at Universal Investigations Agency, Inc, we provide all of our corporate clients with the best investigative services to help prevent wrongdoing by your employees or associated third parties.

When faced with a business decision (especially those which affect a company’s reputation and bottom line) executives are rightfully interested in acquiring as much actionable information as possible in order to determine an individual’s trustworthiness and credit. Our discreet and legal investigative services give your exactly that.

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