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Universal Investigations' Litigation Support helps support attorneys or others in regard to current and pending cases.

Professional Litigation Support

By definition, litigation support is the process of providing investigative services to attorneys or others in regard to current and pending cases. This encompasses any effort to organize the factual information to assist a lawyer in trying a case.

Broadly speaking, it can encompass any activity that is not directly related to providing legal advice. However, in today’s modern era of legal proceedings, most cases usually involve the management of hard evidence, the location of key witnesses, the collection of recorded statements and gathering massive amounts of data relevant to the case.

Even the most tech-savvy attorneys often need assistance in locating and organizing the sheer amount of information needed to build a water-tight case for their clients. We know that the attorneys we work with diligently represent their clients and abide by the law. Universal Investigations can assist in the burden of gathering factual evidence needed in support of proving your case.

Our private investigators are experienced professionals who have a proven track record assisting attorneys.  We operate 24/7 from gathering witness statements, locating key individuals, and gathering evidence in preparation for discovery, to preparing evidence for trial and serving as key professional witnesses. Our team specializes in utilizing our expertise and resources to search databases, manage evidence, collect and organize the large volumes of raw information demanded in preparation for trial.

Universal Investigations can offer you the leverage you need to make strategic advantages in your discovery and litigation proceedings to best represent your clients. In sum, our private investigators ensure that all avenues are pursued and all evidence, information, interviews, documentation, and connections are thoroughly gathered to aid the efforts of your attorneys and/or firm.

Highly trained and experienced litigation support investigators are a necessary legal resource when it comes to establishing and documenting the facts surrounding a case.

What can we do for you?

Universal Investigations litigation support services can range from legal research to the evaluation of a property. We also work on determining the extent of damages incurred in an accident or injury, retrieving documents and even forensic services to trace out fraud, waste, and abuse in financial activities as well as a subject presence at a particular scene, or determination of probable cause as well as fabricated evidence.

Preparing data:

We understand that locating and maintaining electronic evidence takes time, diligence, and effort. Our proprietary databases give us access to everything from vehicle sighting reports to property records, to locating a next of kin, granting your firm access to information far beyond public records.

Locating key witnesses and collecting recorded statements:

Our investigators can find anyone. Yes, you read that correctly. We can locate virtually anyone using our specialized investigative methods and pretexting techniques. With our wide network of associates and process servers, we can assist you in subpoenaing even the most evasive witnesses, defendants, plaintiffs, and investigators. Our investigators additionally excel in building rapport with even the most hostile subjects, maintaining a friendly discourse that often makes individuals feel free to disclose massive amounts of usable information in recorded interviews to be used in a deposition.

Corroborating or disproving evidence:

In both criminal defense and prosecution, evidence collected by Law Enforcement and other investigators is the key to either conviction or freedom. Whether the evidence is forensic, medical, documentary, video, photographic, or otherwise, we can launch parallel investigations to determine whether the evidence was collected legally and properly and to prove whether the evidence collected was genuine or fabricated. Our goal is to find the truth at the heart of your case.

Getting the facts to your fingertips:

Great legal support saves you time. Looking for key documents or deposition testimony is something your attorney should not have to worry about in a high-stakes environment. Our team will bundle and deliver all evidence in concise reports, organized into highly relevant blocks and subsections. We will also prepare graphics, tables, and charts to display the interconnectedness of various pieces of evidence and statements collected. This greatly reduces the level of effort required by an attorney to begin the proceedings demanded by our clients.

What kind of cases do we specialize in?

Employment law:

Employee misconduct, fraud, and internal investigations are notoriously sensitive, and outsourcing a portion of your legal research can be beneficial when it comes to proving a case against an employee, former employee, contractor, competitor, or customer.

Any corruption, unlawful disclosure of proprietary information, trade secrets (violation of non-disclosure), conflicts of interest, asset misappropriation, violation of non-compete agreements, and fraudulent statements can all be uncovered, making the difference between success or failure in the courtroom.

Criminal defense and prosecution:

Defense attorneys can always benefit tremendously from additional due diligence into the background of their client or leverage against the prosecution. Prosecutors can always benefit from further leverage against the defense to reaffirm any findings they are basing their case on.

Whether this entails researching friends, family, and partners of both the prosecution and the defense to the vetting of all potential witnesses, there is often more going on behind the scenes in a criminal proceeding than anyone involved would publicly admit retaining.  A litigation support investigator guarantees the details you need that a client may be reluctant or too scared to share.

Liability defense:

Where there is an accident, there is always liability. Property damage, personal injury, auto accidents, employment-related injury, transportation liability, and more can often become a he-said/she-said situation. With the assistance of a litigation support investigator, you can uncover the truth behind the statements of those involved, as well as determine the validity of injuries claimed by either party.

Tort actions:

Whether a tort falling under the category of negligence depends on the research proving or disproving the complaint, in almost all cases, direct negligence often must be proven. If you’re dealing with a tort, our private investigators and consultants can assist your case. Negligence can be proven or disproven through records, witness statements, and evidentiary review. It is simply a matter of research.

Family Law:

Whether you or your client is engaged in a divorce, a child custody battle, or other civil family proceedings, our investigators can assist in locating any hidden assets that one party may be trying to conceal. This is a common practice in divorce proceedings, as people often don’t want to pay alimony in full. However, this doesn’t deter us. We can locate assets hidden both in the United States and abroad using our international network of contacts. Surveillance and Interviews can be used to confirm the well-being of the child involved in any given custody battle, and determine which parent is most suited to care for them. Whatever the case entails, we aim to preserve the safety of your loved one and to ensure any family law proceedings are handled fairly and honestly.

Why choose us?

By working directly with counsel and under their direction, our clients have ensured the best possible legal representation thanks to professional legal support investigators. For firms of any size, professional investigative litigation support is a force multiplier, enhancing attorney performance across the litigation life cycle. Our organization has the ability to locate, collect and correlate the information you need to successfully serve larger clients and represent high-profile cases. When the attorneys at your firm have the resources that they need, it helps deliver irrefutable results, increasing success rates in the courtroom. This is drawing in new clients and ultimately preserving your firm’s bottom line and improving your profit margin.

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