Trademark and Counterfeit Investigation

Universal Investigations' Trademark and Counterfeit investigations equip our clients with the evidence they need to get rid of counterfeit goods and trademark infringement negatively affecting their business.

Counterfeiting and trademark infringement is on the rise. Technology has made it easier than ever for culprits to get their hands on original logos and other intellectual property, making counterfeit products more sophisticated and difficult to identify than ever before.

The impact of these fake goods can be damaging for brands, companies, and consumers alike. The International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, Inc. states that, every year, trademark counterfeiting costs American businesses hundreds of billions of dollars. And that’s just the financial cost. The damage to your brand’s reputation, if a customer comes into contact with a counterfeit product, can be far more damaging than a simple financial loss.

By using Universal Investigations’ services, you can take action against companies who violate copyrights and trademarks laws. On your behalf, we will conduct trademark and counterfeit investigations so you know who is manufacturing or distributing fake products, where they are located, and what to do about it, rest assured knowing our team of investigators are highly trained experts in the field of counterfeit detection with years of experience in law enforcement and special forces.

If you suspect someone is counterfeiting or infringing on your trademarks, give us a call and we will investigate your suspicion and provide you with the evidence you need to safeguard your business from copycats.

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