Counterfeit Investigation

Trademark and Counterfeit investigations equip our clients with the evidence they need to get rid of counterfeit goods and trademark infringement negatively affecting their business.

What is a counterfeit investigation?

In recent years there has been a surge in the production and distribution of counterfeit products. The consequences of these knock-offs can be disastrous for companies, from lost revenue to damage to their hard-earned reputation. But that's not all - customers can also be negatively impacted or even harmed by these shoddy imitations. It's a serious issue that demands attention.

Our private investigation agency specializes in counterfeit investigations that help businesses protect against these copycat products. We are experts at identifying counterfeit products that have been diverted from legitimate distribution systems as well as gathering intelligence and evidence of these fraudulent activities.

We work closely with local law enforcement to stop the distribution of these goods or provide our clients with the information they need to take legal action.

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Product Counterfeiting

Our agency has experience in identifying counterfeit products, including electronic cigarettes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, luxury accessories, and more.

We have worked closely with numerous clients to locate distributors of counterfeit products and gather evidence of fraudulent activity. Through surveillance and test purchases, we provide our clients with valuable evidence to bring to law enforcement.

We are committed to protecting the integrity of our clients' products and businesses. Contact us today to learn how we can help safeguard your business from counterfeiting.

Trademark Infringement

When a company or individual uses a logo that is similar or identical to one owned by another party, it constitutes trademark infringement and violates the exclusive rights granted by law to the trademark owner.

At UIA, we prioritize identifying the issue, tracking down the channels through which the infringement is occurring, and collaborating with local law enforcement agencies to establish lasting solutions.

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UIA is a prominent figure in the consulting, and professional investigative services. Whether your organization requires investigative services to address product counterfeiting, trademark infringement, or stolen intellectual property, UIA is your go-to destination for reliable solutions.

At our private investigation agency, we are dedicated to delivering our clients' the results they need to protect their business. If you suspect that your business has been affected by counterfeit activity, contact us today for a consultation. We will work with you to develop a customized plan to identify and stop any fraudulent activity and protect your brand.

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