Fraud Investigation

Universal Investigations' Fraud Investigations help our clients gather evidence to prove that a fraud has been committed.

Fraud investigations most often take place in order to determine whether a scam has taken place and gather all of the necessary evidence needed to protect the victims involved in said fraud. The benefits of fraud investigations are profound. They help to uncover suspect behavior in regards to fraudulent activity. But, if a poor investigation is conducted, you, your company, and your consumers can suffer from reputation damage. Our certified fraud examiners, forensic accountants, and investigators have the ability to get to the bottom of it. Whatever the nature of the fraud, there are constantly new, sophisticated schemes coming into play.  Through Universal Investigations' skills, your fraud investigation has a better chance of success. We reconstruct events and document the evidence for you, offering to help you establish systems to prevent a recurrence. Should the case lead to court proceedings, our investigators will provide expert testimonies on-demand.

Our method: Forensic accounting

How was the fraud perpetrated? How did they move the money? What was its path? Using forensic accounting, we are able to determine all of these things.

Our comprehensive approach:

  • Review books and records for improprieties
  • Evaluate and implement internal controls
  • Recommend policies and procedures to prevent reoccurrence

Because you are honest in your financial dealings, you probably like to believe that everyone else is on that same level as well. However, the sad truth is the constant and increasing number of con artists out there running more and more sophisticated schemes every day. If you suspect to have been the victim of a financial scam, we can help you get to the bottom of it. At Universal Investigations, our experts conduct extensive and complete financial fraud investigations.

Universal Investigations runs a highly skilled team of private investigators. Our investigators will use the latest methods and technology available to reconstruct the events as they occurred and document any evidence of a crime. Then, if your case ends up going to trial, Universal Investigations will offer expert testimony in court.

In addition, we will make recommendations on policies and procedures to implement so you will never fall prey to fraud again.

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