March 15, 2022

Adultery: Private Investigations and Marriage Consequences

Your relationships aren't like they used to be. A distance has settled in your relationship. Youhardly ever go out together anymore. Habits have changed. Lying destroys your relationship.His/her phone is still hidden, and messages regularly arrive on his/her phone.Communication is broken...


1. Do you suspect your spouse of having an extramarital affair?

2 The legal history of adultery

3 What does the law say?

4 How will UniversalInvestigations Agency, Inc. handle your case?

5. Why use the services of Universal Investigations Agency, Inc?

6 Good to know


Do you suspect your spouse of having an extramarital affair?

Whether your doubts are increasingly strong or proven, above all, do not arouse suspicion with your spouse. It is better to remain calm, feign ignorance, not question excessively, and suppress jealousy. Our investigations will be less complicated because your spouse will feel free and unsupervised.


WARNING – If you initiate research to find a private detective or contact us: do not forget to erase the history of your search engine, the call log, and any other support to which the other party has access.


The legal history of adultery

It often creates confusion in the minds of our customers. Journalistic shortcuts can maintain this confusion. Thus, at Universal Investigations Agency, Inc, we often hear that fault-based divorce no longer exists because adultery is no longer punished. It is then necessary to distinguish between the criminal notion of adultery and its civil consequences.

Indeed, the notion of adultery no longer exists in Florida. ( no-fault State) Thus, imprisonment or a fine can no longer require an unfaithful husband or wife. Since the pronouncement of divorce is civil, the disappearance of this offense does not prevent the invocation of a fault in the procedure.

What does the law say?

On this basis, no-fault-based divorce still exists in Florida. If you do not want or cannot divorce by mutual consent, then it is essential in the context of a divorce proceeding for the fault that the latter be pronounced solely at the responsibility of your spouse and in your interest.

It should be remembered that "Divorce may be requested by one of the spouses when facts are constituting a serious or renewed violation of the duties and obligations of marriage.

The main interest of the process lies in the possible loss of the right to the compensatory allowance of the spouse who has committed acts of adultery.

How will UniversalInvestigations Agency, Inc. handle your case?

First of all, a first telephone or e-mail contact will allow us to study the feasibility of your request, which must be legitimate. A physical appointment will be offered to you unless the distance prevents you from doing so.

During the appointment, you will be asked for administrative documents (family book, identity document, etc.) and all the information about your spouse (civil status, place of work, habits, etc.).


With the help of the elements you bring, we can establish a strategy, and an estimate can be calculated taking into account these different parameters:

• The number of hours/days of intervention

• The human resources used (one agent or more)

• Material resources(a device requiring one or more vehicles, motorcycles, etc.)

• Travel costs (Miles, train ticket)


Knowing that we remain in contact throughout the investigation, you will be informed of the progress of the interventions according to your availability and in complete confidentiality. You have the choice to stop or extend a mission.


For example, in the case of an unforeseen event such as taking a means of transport (train, plane),we contact you to have your agreement or not on the cost incurred. Of course, the private detective in charge of the investigation will advise you if this option can benefit your case.


Why use the services of Universal Investigations Agency, Inc?

To assert a request for divorce for fault with the exclusive wrongs of your spouse, you must present a solid file with indisputable proof. Put all the chances on your side.The bailiff's report is also a means of obtaining evidence but must be justified during the request. This is why the investigation report of a private detective is the best solution both as evidence in the procedure.


Throughout the investigations carried out, you are informed of the elements collected. As far as possible, photographs will be brought to you to justify our interventions. Mutual trust is essential at Universal Investigations Agency, Inc.


A detailed, thorough, and productive report will be sent to you at the end of the investigation. It will be supported by photographs and Videos proving the elements of evidence collected concerning the fault committed by the offending spouse.


Good to know

The losing party may bear reimbursement of costs incurred in an investigation.

The civil procedure specifies that the judge may charge the losing party an amount that he determines to compensate for the costs

incurred by the injured party to assess the proof of the damage.


For more information regarding private investigation services, contact

Universal investigations Agency, Inc. today at (954) 305-6275.


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By Victor Elbeze Lead Investigator & Owner of UniversalInvestigations Agency, Inc.

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