April 9, 2022

How to find a hidden spy microphone

In a very competitive market, economic espionage is a real threat for companies: the presence of a hidden microphone on their premises is, therefore, a legitimate fear. As individuals, they can also be victims of espionage by a malicious person. Hence the need to call a professional to find a hidden microphone.


Why hire a professional to detect a hidden spy microphone?


Nowadays, spy microphones or miniature cameras are relatively accessible objects, which can be easily found on the internet or in a specialized store. It is thus possible to obtain good quality equipment for a few hundred dollars, with completely acceptable performance in terms of sound and image.


The possibility of being spied on by a third party should therefore never be ruled out, whether to obtain confidential information about you or listen to your conversations. Hidden in a house, an apartment, or a professional premises, a spy microphone can harm your person or your business.


This is why you have to be very wary, especially if you have noticed the sudden appearance of new objects. Pen, remote control, smoke detector… They are all ideal candidates for hiding a spy device. However, a microphone can very well be introduced, without your knowledge, into an object already present in the room.


Another sign not to be taken lightly is that a person has sensitive information that they are not supposed to have. In such a case, the thesis of espionage should not be excluded. Therefore, calling on a professional, such as the Universal Investigations Agency, Inc. Private detective agency, is recommended to detect the hidden microphone as quickly as possible.


The detection of a micro spy in a company

 Any company must ensure the security of its data and the secrecy of its exchanges, regardless of its sector of activity or its size. With spy equipment on its business premises, a company is exposed to significant risks. Whether it concerns its customer’s and employees' confidentiality and strategic orientations, it must protect itself against such practices. It is sometimes wise to call on a private detective for business in Miami, South Florida.


Hidden microphone detection in a private home

 Different situations can expose an individual to espionage practices, whether it is a malicious individual in the neighborhood, a jealous spouse, or even a former companion with whom he has a conflicting relationship, for example, following a divorce. In all these cases, it is legitimate to wonder about the presence of a possible spy microphone, whether at the person's home or in their vehicle.

 How to find a hidden microphone thanks to a private detective?

 The Miami Universal Investigations Agency, Inc. provides its customers with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to detect any micro spy.


As a general rule, our intervention begins with a rigorous check of telephone sets and their connections and power cables, and analog or digital sockets. Furniture and decor are also inspected, smoke detectors, panic buttons, and other security systems that may harbor a hidden microphone.


A specific research protocol is set up for each spy device:analog or digital microphone online, microphone on carrier current, infrared or laser microphone... The same goes for series or parallel assemblies. An online shunt or induction search is also performed.


Your private detective in Miami, Florida, then carries out an in-depth analysis of the acoustics of the walls and partitions and the floors and ceilings. Finally, the various entry points, such as windows, glass doors, air vents, or heating ducts, are combed through.


Following the intervention, Miami Universal InvestigationsAgency gives you a complete report, summarizing all the elements discovered during the investigation, such as the presence of a hidden microphone, but also any vulnerabilities identified by our team. . This is why the report also contains recommendations aimed at improving the security of the home or business premises.


What is the price of a private detective in Paris to detect a hidden microphone?

The price of a private detective in Miami, Florida, can vary depending on the nature of the intervention. The cost of detecting a spy microphone depends on the size of the room, the home, or the business premises.The number of objects, computer equipment, and telephone lines must also be considered.To estimate the service price with the most incredible precision, the MiamiUniversal Investigations Agency detective systematically studies the premises before intervention.


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By Victor Elbeze, Lead Investigator & Owner of UniversalInvestigations Agency, Inc.


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