April 9, 2022

Neighborhood investigation by a private detective

The neighborhood survey is a method of investigation and information gathering that has long proven its worth, whether to support a casein the context of legal proceedings, to collect testimonies, or cross-check information.


Want to know more about this practice? Wondering how to find a good private detective in Paris to conduct a neighborhood survey? Here's everything you need to know.


Neighborhood survey: what does the law say?

A neighborhood survey can be commissioned to meet a simple need for information. This may involve, for example, obtaining proof of an unauthorized sublease or searching for a person.


But this type of investigation is often linked to neighborhood disturbances, which result in recurring problems with one or more neighbors. These nuisances are of an olfactory or sound nature: deafening music, shouting, work, animal noises, etc.


The concept of neighborhood disturbance first finds a legal framework in the Civil Code, providing that "any act whatsoever of man, which causes damage to others, obliges the person by whose fault it has happened to repair it. “Everyone is responsible for the damage he has caused not only by his actions but also by his negligence or his imprudence. »


Neighborhood disturbance "no particular noise must, by its duration, repetition or intensity, affect the tranquility of the neighborhood or the health of the man, in a public or private place, that a person is itself at the origin or that it is by the intermediary of a person, a thing of which it has the guard or an animal placed under his responsibility.


Why hire a private detective for a neighborhood survey?


A neighborhood survey can be carried out to meet different needs. Thus, the Louvre detective agency is at your disposal to investigate if you are the victim of neighborhood disturbances, whether they are daytime nuisances or nocturnal annoyances.


Our private detectives can also intervene if you wish to obtain information, find a person, or even check if a tenant does not illegally sublet a property.


The objectives of a neighborhood survey


The neighborhood survey is a highly effective technique for collecting information since it makes it possible to verify the presence of a wanted person and verify the veracity of information. In the event of neighborhood disturbance, it is also the best way to identify the perpetrators of daytime or nighttime nuisances. Finally, it makes it possible to collect testimonies.


To guarantee the success of its neighborhood surveys in Miami,South Florida, the Universal Investigations agency carefully prepares each intervention by selecting the most relevant interlocutors to interview. Ascenario is written in advance to carry out the interrogations, which can then be transcribed to be used in an investigation report.


What a detective cannot do during a neighborhood investigation.


What can a private detective do? A neighborhood survey must be carried out legally. Thus, a private detective cannot perform specificactions to achieve his ends. For example, he is prohibited from recording a conversation without the knowledge of his interlocutor, but also from threatening him or blackmailing him into obtaining information. In addition, the private research agent cannot enter personal property without authorization.


During his investigation, a detective is not required to reveal his identity or function. However, he may not in any way usurp the status or identity of an existing person to acquire information. It is, therefore, impossible for him to pass himself off as a representative of the charge or a bailiff, for example. In addition, testimony obtained illegally does not respect the principle of fairness of evidence, which may make it inadmissible.


Therefore, collecting information and testimonials incomplete confidentiality and legality requires a particular methodology.Otherwise, the neighborhood survey could be called into question. Specially trained in investigation techniques and the search for evidence, the private investigator of the Universal Investigations Agency, Inc. Carries out each neighborhood investigation in Miami, South Florida, in compliance with the regulations in force.


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By Victor Elbeze, Lead Investigator & Owner of UniversalInvestigations Agency, Inc.


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