April 9, 2022

Private investigator Client Privilege Confidentiality!

The professional secrecy of the private detective confirmed by other sources


We have seen through the first article of this trilogy that the professional secrecy of the private detective draws its genesis from common law and case law insofar as private detectives do not have texts specific to their profession.

This second article will study the other sources that confirm that private investigators are subject to strict respect for professional secrecy.

A definition of the profession that reinforces the professional secrecy of the private detective


The profession of the private detective is as follows:

"Liberal profession consists, for a person, in collecting, even without stating his quality or revealing the purpose of his mission, information or intelligence intended for third parties, to defend their interests."

Client Privilege Confidentiality!  is implicit in the definition of the profession of a private detective.

The investigator profession specifies the knowledge base that detectives will have to assimilate. Among these, Client PrivilegeConfidentiality! is explicitly mentioned:

The professional certification attests in particular to the knowledge and know-how relating to

Private detectives are holders of various information protected by professional secrecy.


Secrecy of defense rights


In the context of legal proceedings, private detectives exchange information with professionals bound by professional secrecy.

Lawyers, in particular, are bound by absolute professional secrecy and public order, a significant guarantee in a state of law.

Business secrets


Professional secrecy Private Investigator during investigations to fight against unfair competition, the private investigator is entrusted with strategic and sensitive information from his client.

Banking secret


During investigations for banks, financial organizations, or their commercial subsidiaries, confidential information is entrusted to private investigators.

Confidential medical information


For example, in an insurance investigation, a private investigator may be entrusted with information on the state of health of certain insured persons and their background.

Secret of privacy


When an individual mandates a private detective, he must speak to him without apprehension and entrust him with personal information protected by respect for privacy

Therefore, the private detective holds various secrets that he shares with other professionals.


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Ho are themselves bound by professional secrecy.

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