March 14, 2022

"Private Investigator Uses New Technology to Solve Cases Faster “The Future of Private Investigation

Private investigations are a popular business in the United States, and private investigators have been around for many years. Technology has turned into a significant part of private investigations in recent years. Private investigators now use new technology to solve cases faster than ever before.The Future of Private Investigation

Benefits of using new technology

When you need to find someone, it is vital to get started as soon as possible.Traditional methods can be time-consuming and costly, but many new options available today offer a better chance of success in searching for people. The benefits of using new technology for private investigations include increased accuracy in locating missing people and faster resolution of cases. With social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, investigators can find individuals who may be hiding by simply monitoring their posts or following them on these networks. GPS tracking devices allow law enforcement agencies to know when a person is close to a crime scene so they can investigate further without having to resort to old-fashioned surveillance techniques. Here are some examples of new technologies.


·     Drone Surveillance camera with very high-performance Zoom

·     Vehicles Surveillance with 24Hours remotely camera system

·     GPS Tracking Device

·     Background Check

·     Vehicle Camera Sightings ViaDNR

·     Advanced online Searches

·     Social Media ComprehensiveInvestigations Report

·     Advanced hidden Camera

·     Case management investigation software

·     Private Investigator & Law enforcement Database


 The future of private investigation looks promising, with more people coming forward with information about their loved ones who have gone missing or been murdered. The increased use of social media has also helped in cases involving stalking or harassment. It can provide evidence for law enforcement agents to work with and track down offenders.


Private investigations are a booming industry, and it is no surprise that the technology is evolving to suit the needs.


Private investigations are evolving with the times, and that's why we at Universal Investigations Agency, Inc. Are making sure to keep up with all the latest technological advances. We have a team of highly trained private investigators who can solve your case promptly, so you don't have to worry about waiting around for results. Universal Investigations Agency, Inc. It is your one-stop shop for solving any claims related to private investigation. We offer a wide variety of services, so whether you need an investigator near me or want someone to help find a missing person, we're here for you.


The days of private investigators sitting in a car for hours, waiting for the subject to walk out of a building, are over. Private investigators now have access to technology that enables them to gather information quickly and efficiently." "Satellite imagery and aerial photography is an example of this new technology. Satellite images can identify any changes in land use or construction. Aerial photography can be used to capture traffic patterns, roof details, and other important features.""Private investigators also have access to databases such as those found on public sites like Google Earth or Bing Maps, which allow them to find even more information about their subjects."


Private investigators are now using a range of new technologies, like drones, to solve cases faster. Drones have become a standard tool for private investigators because they can be used in many ways. For example, if there is a missing person, the drone can be flown over their neighborhood to see any clue of where they might be hiding or the direction they went. Drones also help with photography and filming evidence from an aerial view, allowing recording of crime scenes or accidents.


 Private Investigators now in just a few taps and clicks, the tool showed where a car had been seen throughout the U.S. A Private investigator source had access to a powerful system used by their industry, repossession agents, and insurance companies. Armed with just a car's plate number ,the tool fed by a network of remote cameras spread across the country provides users a list of all the times that car has been spotted. I gave the private investigator, who offered to demonstrate the capability, a plate of someone who consented to be tracked.


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