November 18, 2021

10 Reasons To Hire a Private Investigator

Many private investigators have a background in law enforcement, military, or intelligence agencies and have acquired many skills that make them great at gathering information. By using those skills as private investigators they are able to offer a variety of services to help everyday people, businesses, attorneys, and more. Their work as investigators may include performing background checks, conducting surveillance, gathering evidence, supporting lawyers in preparing for court, locating witnesses, or helping businesses minimize risks by conducting due diligence.

There are an abundance of reasons behind why it is a great idea to hire a private investigator. Ultimately, here are the top 10 reasons to hire a private investigator: 

Perform Background Checks

Background checks are incredibly crucial when considering hiring a new employee, a new tenant, a babysitter for your children, or even a potential relationship suitor. If you have ever attempted conducting your own background check, you are aware of the costly outcomes and time-consuming details that collecting information ensues. Private investigators have the resources, connections, and know-how to bypass those difficulties and get you the answers you need quickly and accurately. Utilizing the information gathered from records and databases private investigators are able to perform detailed background checks that get you the information you need. Every background check can differ based on how your business decides to go about it, but a normal day-to-day background check includes criminal records, education and employment history, civil records, references, and more depending on the situation and individual.

Conduct Surveillance

Yes, private investigators still do the iconic surveillance stakeouts that we all see in the movies. After all, it is a go-to tactic that allows investigators to gather evidence used in all kinds of cases such as missing person searches, cheating spouse investigations, fraud investigations, criminal investigations, and so much more. It’s a tactic used in almost everything we do as private investigators to find answers and collect evidence. By utilizing reliable and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and professional experience, investigators are able to gather information on your company, an employee, or even a significant other without even being seen.

Attorney Support

With the help of a licensed and skilled Private Investigator, attorneys can build a stronger case in a shorter period of time. By outsourcing tasks to private investigators, lawyers are able to spend more time and resources focusing on more important tasks. A good PI can support your case by gathering and verifying evidence, validating existing evidence, locating witnesses and more. Private Investigators have an abundance of experience handling different types of cases and can share their expertise with you. For example, an experienced PI can help you with financial investigations or finding stolen and hidden assets. As a lawyer, you work hard to represent your client to the best of your ability, and a PI can help in strengthening your case. Whether it is criminal, domestic, fraud, or an accident claim, a PI can be a valuable resource.

Corporate Due Diligence

Due diligence is the investigation of a potential investment, product or person to confirm all facts and get you the information you need to make an informed decision. These facts can include items such as reviewing all financial records, past company performance, looking into the background of potential business partners, investigate an employee’s background, plus anything else deemed important. These investigations are very customizable based of the situation at hand. Their main purpose is to help you make the right decisions and avoid costly ones. Due diligence should always be an undertaking and step that businesses take when they is an important decision at hand.

Find Missing Persons

Hiring a private investigator is crucial when an individual needs assistance locating a missing person. Private investigators have advanced capabilities in locating a person’s whereabouts through a service often referred to as “Skip Tracing.” They use their skills as an investigator to follow paper trails, digital footprints, last known addresses and anything they can work with to help locate the missing persons as fast as possible. Whether you are looking to find a friend or family member who disappeared, a business partner that skipped town, or an attorney looking to locate a witness for a criminal case or for civil litigation, a private investigator can likely help.

Child Custody Investigations

When private investigators are hired for a child custody case, it is usually in regard to two parents who can not reach an amicable solution when it comes to taking custody of a child. The job of a private investigator is to assess the child’s safety, well-being, and treatment while in the care of the parent in question. They do this by utilizing surveillance to monitor and document the parents interactions with the child, conducting background checks to provide additional information to be used in court, and even interviewing witnesses of parental interactions. The evidence collected during the investigation can then be used in family court proceedings to show that the other parent is unfit to take care of the child. Investigators can even provide expert testimony in court if need be.

Trademark and Counterfeit Infringement

In today's day and age, it is easier than ever for people to get their hands on original logos and other intellectual property, and make sophisticated counterfeit products that are difficult to identify. The impact of these fake goods can be damaging for brands, companies, and consumers alike. If you find yourself in a situation where your business is being affected by others trademark and/or counterfeit Infringement, hiring a private investigator might be your best move. Investigators can conduct an investigation to find out who is manufacturing or distributing fake products, where they are located, and what to do about it. They can provide you with the evidence and support you need to safeguard your business and rid your business of copycats.

Forensic accounting

While this crimeful act does not include violence, financial fraud, theft, and asset hiding can and will be detrimental to both a business and an individual in general. Private investigators have the time and resources to keep track of digital records and documents to get the answers that you need effectively. 

Corporate Compliance

Private investigators can ensure that your company is following the laws and regulations that your business requirements need to meet. With the help of a PI, a company can learn more information to ensure that all appropriate protocols are being taken.

Forensic Document Scrutiny

The evaluation of a paper trail can determine the accuracy to help in both criminal and civil matters. From verifying handwriting, all the way verifying documents, verified evidence can make a monumental difference in a lot of cases, which is why a private investigators skills are highly valued. 

These ten reasons to hire a private investigator are not the only ones, but instead are meant to give you an idea of how a licensed and highly skilled private investigator can benefit you. Whether it's involving your personal life, business, court, or loved one, a private investigator may be able to help you.

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