March 15, 2022


Each time a client walks through the door of our agency, we are entitled to this remark: "This is the first time that I have spoken toa private detective. I hesitated for a long time, but my situation was such that I no longer knew how to solve my problem. »


Would we be the last hope of these people whose distress is perceptible from the first words?


The answer is clear, we are not miracle workers, but we are doing everything we can to shed new light on a nebulous situation.


The private detective is the second link in the chain:litigant, detective, lawyer, magistrate. Its activity consists of collecting and bringing together all the material elements proving the facts alleged by the litigant.


The information and evidence collected by the private detective are communicated to the lawyer, who thus has the necessary resources to carry the judges' decision.




Each person, natural or legal, will be at some point in their personal or professional life confronted with a situation for which they will want to find the answers and prove their right.


The truth is rarely apparent. Through ignorance or bad faith, lies and untruths distill doubt and prevent seeing things during a conflict.


This is why this deceived wife will request an investigation which, initially, will prove to her that she was right. After that, she will communicate this evidence to her lawyer for the divorce procedure.


This entrepreneur is also convinced that his former employee uses the customer file he has kept canvassing his customers. Without proof, he will not prove the acts of unfair competition and action based on a non- compete contract agreement.


This same entrepreneur may one day be faced with a problem of data theft, patents, hacking. The detective will significantly help him in the fight against cybercrime.


Creditors whose debtors have left without an address turn to private detective firms to locate them and recover their debts.


And then, beyond any legal proceedings, there are the people who are looking for a member of their family who has been missing for more or less a long time. The search procedure in the interest of families has not been the responsibility of the Police since 2019. It is, therefore, to a private detective that these people turn.


This list is not exhaustive, and the use of a private investigator concerns both those who want to ensure the loyalty of a collaborator or employee and those who want to prove that a debtor voluntarily organizes his insolvency, passing by the parent anxious to know the schedule of his adolescent whom they suspect of doubtful, even dangerous, frequentations.




As we have seen, anyone can, thanks to a complicated situation, find themselves in the office of a private detective.


This investigation professional will make every effort to provide answers and, if necessary, the necessary evidence in court.


He will endeavor to carry out his mission in the strictest respect of the legislation in force and privacy.


The private detective's investigation reports will allow the cheated wife to initiate divorce proceedings for fault and obtain damages. The private detective will take care to note the conspicuous and offensive nature of adultery.


In the context of an investigation into the unfair competition, the private detective's report will authorize the award of damages and interest in compensation for commercial damage and moral damage in the event of denigration.


The private investigations carried out when there is a suspicion of insurance fraud frequently lead the courts to reduce the amount of compensation and sometimes even to validate the refusal to cover a claim qualified as fraudulent.


Therefore, the interests of the insurance company are protected and those of the entire community of policyholders.


When a private investigator proves that the debtor spouse of a maintenance claim has voluntarily organized his insolvency to avoid this obligation, the parent who is the victim of these actions may sue him.


But the private detective's investigation report is not always intended to end up on a judge's desk. Lawyers frequently use it to transact.


Except in the case where the investigation report is used to support legal proceedings, it allows the person who commissioned the detective to find out a little more about a situation. It is the same for the one who is looking for a relative. He will be reassured about his state of health his means of subsistence and may even, with the consent of the person sought, resume contact with him.


In this type of situation, the private investigation allows the communication of reassuring or disturbing information (a missing person, dating of minor, premarital research, morality investigation, etc.)




The purpose of the confidential investigation report, therefore, has three aspects. It can either be officially produced before a court to recognize rights or simply be used by the lawyer to compromise with the opposing party.


Finally, the investigation report can only have an informative role and allow the person appointed as a detective to obtain information on a situation or a person outside of any legal proceedings.


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 By Victor Elbeze Lead Investigator & Owner of UniversalInvestigations Agency, Inc.


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