April 3, 2022

“The Scammer”: Avoiding scams on dating sites

Tinder & other dating sites, Say Tomorrow, who has never heard of these dating apps and sites?

Following Covid-19 and lockdowns, the number of users on these sites exploded. But beware, cyber-criminals have taken advantage of this wave to rush in. Scams and romantic manipulations have become more frequent there than before. The new Netflix hit, The Tinder Swindler Scammer is proof of that. (Simon Leviev)

Interpol takes these scams very seriously and calls for caution in the face of these investment frauds.

Of course, real stories are created, and fortunately, the registrants are not all crooks. Nevertheless, it is essential to exercise caution to avoid any disappointment.

Indeed, if everything is beautiful and new at the beginning, it can quickly get tougher. The scammers acting on these sites have a strong power of manipulation and persuasion. After establishing an honest relationship of trust, they do not hesitate to extract money from their victims.

Our team of private detectives will give you some advice to remain vigilant in the face of professional manipulators.

Identify and spot fake profiles...


Some scammers create fake profiles on different sites and apps to trick their victims.

First, take a good look at the profile picture of your interlocutor. A dream setting, an athletic body, and a perfect shot can arouse suspicion.

You can then use the “Google images” tool to compare the suspicious person’s profile picture with the search engine’s suggestions. You will see the identical images referenced by Google.

Also, pay attention to errors visible on the profile.Indeed, small details make it possible to identify false accounts: profiles not completed, spelling mistakes, inconsistencies in the information filled in...

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our team of MiamiFlorida private investigators, experts in cyber investigations. We can help you verify the identity of the user behind the keyboard.

Pay attention to investment advice.


After having established an artificial romance worthy of the greatest love stories with you, your new friend offers you to make some very lucrative investments.

It asks you to download an application (beware of spyware)or go to a site to open an account or buy financial products. These scams are particularly sophisticated; the sites and applications offered seem legitimate.However, overnight you may not hear from your “friend,” and your bank accounts will be emptied.

Our private investigators can carry out, on your behalf, digital investigations and administrative searches to verify the fraudulent nature of the actions that you are encouraged to perform.

Refuse remittances


 After establishing solid ties with you, your interlocutor tells you that he has no money and asks you to send him some, be careful! He is certainly taking advantage of your kindness and trust to extort money from you.

At first glance, the request may seem entirely legitimate.The scammers show great imagination: unexpected health costs, a blocked bank account, a lost credit card, a family problem, a train ticket that he cannot afford to come and see you... in short, the reasons abound. In these cases, your interlocutor often asks you to send him a prepaid card or make a transfer.

The person who only responds during office hours.


Beyond scammers attracted by money, you can also come across someone already in a relationship or married. This type of person is easily spotted; they often only respond during office hours, i.e., during the day when they are alone. To avoid any disappointment, open your eyes and remain attentive to the behavior of the other.

If, despite this advice, your doubts persist, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of professional private investigators is available at your side to carry out checks and thus avoid any disappointment.


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By Victor Elbeze Lead Investigator & Owner ofUniversal Investigations Agency, Inc.


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