Breach of Contract Investigation

Universal Investigations' Breach of Contract Investigations help our clients get the evidence they need following a breach of contract.

Why have a breach of contract investigation?

The stress and time it takes to prove your claim that the other party is in breach of contract can be costly. And the more you have at stake in an alleged breach of contract, the more important it is to adhere to a strict timeline and budget.

Most breaches of contract happen between employee and employer, the most common being a non-compete contract. A non-compete contract is used to protect business owners from former employees sharing valuable information with competitors, such as trade secrets, company assets, marketing plans, business tactics, and more. Other contracts that may be breached are non-disclosure agreements and non-solicitation agreements, which are similarly used to protect confidential company intelligence and resources. Whatever side you’re on, an employee or employer hiring a private investigator is essential to collecting and protecting evidence needed if litigation is required.

I'm an Employee - As an employee, even if you agree to sign a non-compete contract, situations occur where the non-compete may be challenged. Our job as private investigators is to find information that supports your case that there was an adamant reason to challenge the non-compete, for instance, if your former employer engaged in or asked you to act illegally or dishonestly towards its customers. It may also show that your new job would not violate the precise terms of the non-compete contract.

I'm a Business/Organization - When an employee agrees to sign a non-compete contract, that individual is obligated to uphold the terms. This means not divulging any trade, client, or business secrets to the organizations in direct or indirect competition. If you believe an employee has breached the non-compete, the best course of action is to hire an investigator to gather evidence of the breach of contract for litigation and fully understand the intentions of the former employee.  This may include, but is not limited to, methods such as surveillance, interviews, records search, video, and/or photography.

If you've been a part of a breach of contract, it is important to act quickly by hiring a private investigator to gather the necessary evidence your attorney needs to support your case.

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